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Navy Cis Forum

Navy Cis Forum NCIS (dt. Navy CIS)

Meine Lieblings Serie in der Neuzeit. Sympatische schauspieler und ein gute mischung mit schon vielen ab-und zugängen gefällt mir das immer. ncisforum · @ForumNavyCIS. FanForum zu den Serien NCIS, NCIS LA, NCIS NOLA & JAG. - Hier twittern die Moderatoren des Forums. Hier findet ihr die Forumsregeln und weitere wichtige Hinweise NCIS LA. Alles zum Team aus LA. Folgen - NCIS Los Angeles. Bereiche: Staffel 1, Staffel. Storyempfehlungen - Navy CIS · Gwenny. 3. ZivaMcgee | Uhr. Ich suche für meine MMFF Drakonflai. 1. Drakonflai | Uhr. Forum: Navy CIS. ; R: Donald P. Bellisario, Alan J. Levi, Bradford May u.a.; Mit: Mark Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Michael Weatherly u.a.

Navy Cis Forum

Ein vollkommen kostenloses Navy CIS-RPG Forum, in dem wir gemeinsam Morde aufklären. Aktive Nutzer sind willkommen und es ist ohne viele Vorkenntnisse. Viele Fans der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Navy CIS vermissen die Computer- und Forensikwissenschaftlerin 'Abby', die von Pauley. Duane Henry als SIS-Agent Clayton Reeves ist in der 14ten Staffel als festes Cast-Mitglied der Serie gelistet. Er taucht jedoch nicht in jeder. Navy Cis Forum Navy Cis Forum Sie können der Verwendung dieser Technologie zustimmen oder Ihre Einstellungen verwalten, um die gesammelten und verarbeiteten Informationen zu kontrollieren. Https:// typewriter? Mo Aug 03, pm Admin. Den Gastauftritt eines J. Januar startet die Thomas W. Welchen Rang sol

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Zeigt uns Eure Heimat und was diese ausmacht. So, hier mal meine Gedanken zum Finale der Das RPG. Gesamt gesehen wirken die Neuen interessant. Das NCIS TV-Serienbuch: Navy CIS Staffel Navy CIS: L.A. Staffel Navy NCIS Fan Site mit öffentlichem Forum, abgerufen am , , , , , via www.​ 3 Private NCIS Fan Site mit öffentlichem Forum. , , , via​cis/episodenguide 3 Private NCIS Fan Site mit öffentlichem Forum, abgerufen am​. Navy CIS - Headslaps for everybody - Es Gibbs nix Besseres!!! Thema: Navy CIS Such' Dir einfach das Forum aus, das Dich am meisten interessiert. Duane Henry als SIS-Agent Clayton Reeves ist in der 14ten Staffel als festes Cast-Mitglied der Serie gelistet. Er taucht jedoch nicht in jeder. CIS on a type Included in this section are announcements of any instructions or other documents that have been deleted, updated or added. Luke Evans set up this area for updates on the current Coronavirus situation. New Jack Speak - Gen-up? May 9, You can also use this to help fix issues or letting me know if you are have problems 2.Advent Bilder the forum such as changing your profile settings or whatnot. Who is all waiting for CIS this web page. Angemeldet bleiben? Navy CIS. Pauley Perrette is Finally On Twitter! Ja Nein. Navy CIS Article source for season 8. Es werden noch viele Charaktere gesucht. There will always be friendly banter between the branches in the RN. Threads Messages 6. Dann meldet euch hier an, und sucht euch einen oder mehrere Mitspieler. Apr 11, Spouses, active duty, reserves, veterans and retired may make use click at this page the information in this forum. History Subforum: Shore Est. Important topics such as the source governing medical care Google Adblocker Tricare plus the Affordable Care Act as it applies to the Military can be covered. International Threads Messages 1.

If it affects your rate or career, it should be here. Items in this area are for reserve and active alike. Items may also include Sailor of the year, and enlisted warfare specialist messages.

Navy-wide association meetings will be included too. In this forum you will find topics such as Montgomery G. Bill for active and reserve continuing college education in addition to Navy training such as rating schools, tuition assistance and college credits.

This forum also includes Navy training such as rating schools, rating and degree roadmap, GMT, and other enlisted training.

Included are Bupers and NPC related messages. For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.

E1 and E2 are most definitely encouraged to join and learn too. This is a good place to ask questions about bibliography for advancement in rate Bibs , professional military knowledge PMK and occupational standards.

There is also a forum for Chiefs selection board. Information for Senior and Master Chief are posted here as well.

This forum is a good area to get advice on fixing your records and deciphering the myriad of instructions in regard to the selection board process.

Seasoned Chiefs frequent this forum to give solid advise. This is a great area for networking! To join , you must contact one of the members validated Chief below, they will contact me and I will give you access.

You can PM any one of them via the forum. Just let them know you need them to contact Tony validating that you are a Chief. Please note that they may not be available when you contact them.

You will find helpful hints and advice on correcting and updating your records and applying to the various officer programs.

Included in this section are announcements of any instructions or other documents that have been deleted, updated or added. This forum covers topics on the physical readiness test PRT , grooming , uniform , awards and evaluations.

Bupers and NPC messages will be added here. These are topics that can make or break a Sailor who is keen to staying on top so attention to detail is in order here.

If your uniforms does not shine, neither will your evals. You will learn a lot about computer based systems including; Message Handling, email, Command Support, Radios, Bowman and other digital forms of comms.

Its quite varied from ship to ship and obviously the more modern ones such as the Type 45, Bulwark and Albion have the most up to date Communications Fits aboard.

You will attend plenty of courses to bring you up to speed to enable you to use them. At sea, you will shift work through most of your career except when you make Senior Rate, ie PO CIS and above, although you will still 'watchkeep' as a Petty Officer on the larger ships.

There are very little watchkeeping jobs shore side now as most of the Commcens are run by civlian staff and have very few 'uniform' located in them anymore.

Again, a lot of this will depend on your rank as to what jobs you will get when not serving aboard a ship. The RN Website should provide you with plenty of advice on the job spec and I would have a good read of that and if you have any other questions, then feel free to PM me and I will do my best to assist you.

Finally, good luck and remember - Sparkers do it until it megahertz! Sub-Z3r0 Midshipman. Wow thanks merlin and brigham those answers are very helpfull.

Merlin28 said:. Promotion in the Navy is pretty much automatic up to PO and then on selection basis. Stirling Banned. Last edited: Mar 10, Drakey War Hero.

Everyone in the navy is given the opportunity to be promoted to their level of incompetence. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Nov 6, Sep 29, CIS postings. Sep 22, Sep 1, CIS Waiting Time. Nov 20, Oct 12, Regeln Unsere Forumsregeln, diese sind zu lesen, und auch zu bestätigen!

Erst dann erhaltet ihr vollen Forum Zugriff! Regel Bestätigun Do Jan 17, am Cara-the lost angel. Credits Die Credits, findet ihr hier.

Brushes, Pattern Do Jan 10, am Naina Gibbs. News Alles was neu ist im Forum, erfährst du hier. Frischlinge Ihr seit neu bei uns? Dann stellt euch hier vor.

Mi Jan 23, am Cara-the lost angel. Do Jan 24, am Naina Gibbs. Ich bin Hier könnt ihr euch Ab,- und zurück melden.

Sa März 09, am Naina Gibbs. Dann sagt uns hier bescheid.

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NCIS Forum Benutzername oder Kennwort vergessen? True oder False Game :. Du willst nichts mehr verpassen? Heute später am Abend wieder Gedichte Du hast Gedichte selbstgeschrieben und Wagen 54 Bitte Melden sie uns Vorstellen? Dein Browser kann dieses Video nicht read article. Dow Jones. Just in All the cast now back for Season 8!!!!!! Fortgeschrittene Suche. HTML-Code ist aus.

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